Settling in

As soon as the expat and the family are moved and everything is up running. It’s time settle in start to become a real Nederlander. ACT will happily let you know the daily Dutch life and introduce you to all necessary elements of daily life.

Health care

Although the Dutch health care system is internationally ranked and recognized as one of the best, it needs some explanation if you don’t know it. Some topics to explain:

  • Long term care (chronic conditions)
  • Basic and essential medical care (General Practicioner)
  • Supplementary care (dentist)

ACT can explain you the differences, the rules, how it all works. Also about emergencies and pregnancies.


The Dutch are known for driving bikes. According some statistics there are over 20 million bikes in The Netherlands. But let’s not forget cars and public transport.

We can help you with

  • Buying a bike or (new, second hand) car
  • Car import
  • Explain rules, habits an behaviour
  • Securing and insurance
  • Your driving license
  • Types of public transport
  • Prices, discounts, promotions
  • Tips and tricks


ACT would love to help you with finding your way in your private life. A good balance between work and private is important. Your personal and social needs are key. In terms of leisure we can tell you everything about:

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinking a coffee in The Netherlands
  • Alcohol, going out
  • Cultural trips
  • Museums, theatres
  • Amusement parks, zoos
  • Pets


ACT can help you integrate, become Dutch, feel at home, learn the Dutch culture and history. Think about:

  • Following a language course
  • The Dutch history
  • The Dutch culture
  • City trips


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