ACT can help you manage the complete relocation process. For instance: we can take care of the expenses, the actual move and all necessary topics that will pop up.

Step 1: Inventory of the needs

An appointment for an intake is the start of each new relocation process. During this intake we will make an inventory of your needs. Some important criteria:

  • Buying or renting a house
  • Financial plan (mortgage, advice)
  • Housing requirements
  • Neighbourhood requirements
  • Priorities

Step 2: House finding

Firstly, ACT will help you finding a house by:

  • Providing basic information about the current housing market, areas and houses
  • Contact real estate agents
  • Provide you a number of interesting houses
  • Join you in visiting the houses
  • Join you in visiting the areas

Step 3: Orientation tours

In addition to selecting and finding a house, we can also offer orientation tours:

  • Pre-move orientation tour
    • cost of life
    • show sample houses
    • schooling and childcare
    • pros and cons of living in specific region or neighbourhood
    • advise on expectations for rent
    • service charges
    • appliances and utilities, etc.
  • Arrival orientation tour
    • basic Information on GP
    • supermarket
    • sports club
    • neighbourhood tour
    • best route to take to the office
    • public transport, etc.

Step 4: Negotiate, prepare the offer, review contract

You selected your possible new house! In the meanwhile we maintain the correspondence with the real estate agent:

  • Make the offer with you
  • Review the rental contract
  • Coordinate the signing of the documentation
  • Advise on a reliable notary and representation on behalf of the expat - if needed
  • Deposit payment

Step 5: Moving goods

The physical move of the goods is a typical job to be done by professionals. Especially when it’s international. If needed, we can:

  • Contact at least two moving companies for a RFQ
  • Coordinate the moving after arrival of the goods in The Netherlands
  • Arrange storage
  • Help you with specific requirements related to the move like import of pets, customs, etc.

Step 6: Finalizing

Finally, the contract is signed so you can start living in your new house. The last steps to take are to finalize the last details. We can:

  • Accompany you during check-in (key handover, property check, discuss issues with landlord, instructions of property use)
  • Contact utility providers (electricity, gas, water) and set up home comforts such as TV, internet etc.
  • Advise about house cleaning, multiply keys, rules for trash, pets, use of utilities
  • Help purchase/rent furniture and home appliances
  • Advise on help you with reconstructions and improvements in the house (rental or own property)

Step 7: Settling in

As soon as the relocation is completed and everything is up running then it’s time to settle and start to become a real Nederlander. Above all, ACT will happily let you know the daily Dutch life and introduce you to all necessary elements of daily life.

Health care
Although the Dutch health care system is internationally ranked and recognized as one of the best, it needs some explanation if you don’t know it. Some topics to explain:

  • Long term care (chronic conditions)
  • Basic and essential medical care (General Practicioner)
  • Supplementary care (dentist)

ACT can explain you the differences, the rules, how it all works. Also about emergencies and pregnancies.

According some statistics there are over 20 million bikes in The Netherlands, therefore the Dutch are known for driving bikes. But let’s not forget cars and public transport.

We can help you with

  • Buying a bike or (new, second hand) car
  • Car import
  • Explain rules, habits an behaviour
  • Securing and insurance
  • Your driving license
  • Types of public transport
  • Prices, discounts, promotions
  • Tips and tricks


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