Our inspiration

Our passion

ACT Relocation Services was born from our passion to help people and bring cultures together. Our inspiration started with several global travel experiences, plans and preparations to live abroad, temporarily living in another country (Spain, USA), and contacts with expats and people with a migration background. People inspire us.


Our path

After we walked our own path of integration and immigration from Brazil to The Netherlands, we realized how tough it is and how much help is welcome. Making plans to move, choosing the best area to live, finding and buying a house, moving belongings from one country to another, studying the Dutch language, finding a job, learning Dutch culture, being pregnant, dealing with the medical system, accomplishing the full process of official integration, and simply living in The Netherlands. We did and we do it all.

naar nederland

Our experience

International contacts inspire us, and helping people makes us happy. We know everything about living in another country; the struggle, the challenges, the stress, the insecurity, and above all, how to make the best of it. We want to help you with everything related to an international move. Let us be the first persons you think about when you need assistance. Let us be your inspiration!