Overall, we can conclude that the highly skilled migrant scheme and the services are rated positively by highly skilled migrants. There are problems in the entry process that certainly require attention. However, the general picture is that the highly skilled migrant scheme is a clear and smooth procedure. What also emerges from this study is that highly skilled migrants find the Netherlands attractive as a host and career country and that many consider staying in the Netherlands for a longer period.

However, highly skilled migrants miss support in their social integration. In this respect, very little policy has been developed for this group. If the government wishes to retain highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands for a longer period, it could devote more attention to this.

[source: Research "Aantrekkelijkheid van Nederland voor kennismigranten", 2019]


In several global mobility researches, many expats return early and/or fail to generate a return on investment. After reading and listening many studies, reviews and experiences we discover the following main categories of expat failure:

  • 1.  Wrong choice (of candidate, family, company)

  • 2. Lack of local support at the host company

  • 3. Disconnection from home country

  • 4. Domestic difficulties


  • First of all, it is key to recognize that an international move is a multistage process – decision making, preparation, moving and settling in. Each of which require a systematic approach.

  • Also, recognise that the expat is new to the market. Be patient: the first year can be incredibly tough.

  • If you represent a small company with a handful of expats, outsource the project to specialists, especially if different time zones are involved.

  • Make sure the domestic side of things work: accommodation, schools, personal tax advice, and so on. And don't forget that expats may need assistance with things that seem too easy to do.

  • Last but not least: to succeed in expatriate assignments, employees need ongoing cultural training.


At ACT we believe that by helping your employees and their families settle into their new life, with the minimum effort, we will maximize your investment. We treat the whole family as the expat.


Every assignment is different so, in this plan we will create a unique tailored global mobility programme for your employee. With this programme we will manage every expat successfully by following the three steps that make the assignments work from beginning to end.

Step 1: Pre move plan

Before the actual move, when the candidate is selected, it’s our job to

- Prepare the candidate, spouse and children

- Help with relocation


So, what we do is: we organize

-  cultural awareness training courses

-  information session about host country

-  language courses

-  immigration procedure

-  relocation package (first part) in which the pre move orientation is essential


Step 2: The landing

After we prepared the expat and the family and a place to stay is organised, it’s time for the actual move. Being able to hit the ground running is so important.


We will help the expat and family by using the following packages:
- administration on arrival
- remaining steps of the relocation
- finance and tax
- support on spouse and children


Step 3: Staying connected

Furthermore we continue offering the service that is offered at the landing stage.


International HR teams have many draws on their time and that’s where ACT is the added value. We remain in regular contact with your expat. In our experience this is also important for success.


Contact could take the form of monthly meetings between the expat’s family and one of our staff members, a quarterly questionnaire that highlights the pros and cons of the expat experience. The response will highlight any potential issues and hopefully allows us and your HR department to find a solution before they become too serious.

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One of the leading causes of expat failure is the unhappiness of an expat’s spouse or family. We ensure that the expat and their family will have practical support on the ground. We recognize the importance of information, contacts, and processes fitting together, so settling in is easy.

Committing to the ACT three stage plan relieves your HR department, gives you a vigorous employee who is ready to go - from the moment he or she arrives in The Netherlands.