Children and education

If you come to The Netherlands together with your family, including your children, it’s important that also for them the things (like education) are arranged in a good way.  We can tell you from our own recent experience everything about:

General things

Firstly, we can give you all information about the Dutch school system and the benefits. The reason for this subdivision is because in The Netherlands children from the age of 5 are obliged to go to primary school. This is until they are 16 years old.

The period 0 – 4 years

From our own experience we can give you the best information about:

  • Baby support (food, diapers, consultation bureau, vaccinations)
  • Day care / kindergarten

The period 5 – 12 years

Education is compulsory (leerplicht) in the Netherlands from the ages of five to sixteen, however, most children start to attend primary school (basisschool) at age four. ACT can help you find, visit and select

  • Primary school
  • International school
  • Sport clubs
  • Activities
  • Language course with native lanuage

We experience that this last point is required to keep the children on a certain level to keep communicating with their family members in the home country. Also it helps in the future when the family and children return home.

The period 13 – 18 years

Further, children start secondary school (middelbare school) at age 12. Normally, the children enter one of three different streams for their secondary education. ACT can help you find, visit and select

  • Secondary schools
  • Sport clubs
  • Activities

19 years and older

After secondary school students can continue with many different types of higher education. However, the choice of the level of higher education depends on the secondary education. Some short explanation:

  • Senior Secondary Vocational Education & Training (MBO)
  • University of Applied Science (HBO)
  • University (WO)
  • But also: sport clubs, going out, activities, career purposes


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