About Breda


As a Breda citizen it's quite nice to hang around in the city. The big eye-catcher is the church which is called Grote kerk, which can be seen from various spots in and around the city. Around the big church things are happening. On the big square (Grote Markt) and in the streets around this area there are many restaurants and bars. A beautiful canal (Singel) is surrounding the historical city centre. Breda is a vibrating city that has a lot to offer to his habitants and visitors. The people from Breda, called Bredanaars, are therefor known as Burgundians who enjoy life.


Besides restaurants and bars, Breda has more to offer. It has an extensive history, sports, sights, city trips, a beautiful nature, several festivals and lots of well organized activities like the Singelloop.


It's nice to live in Breda. The city counts over 180.000 inhabitants and with that number it is a big city (top 10), for Dutch perception. Although Breda officially is a city, it can feel like a little village. Especially for expats who lived in metropole before. The city is a safe, clear and calm place to live.

Additional facts are:

- presence of an international primary and secondary school
- 44 primary, 19 secondary schools and two universities
- 94 child cares
- high number of language schools
- two hospitals with a solid reputation
- perfect location: in the centre of the BENELUX, between Rotterdam and Antwerp, around one hour drive from as well Amsterdam as Brussels
- easy access to important highways (A16 and A58)
- good public transport connection with a new bus and train station
- over 10.000 inhabitants with another nationality than Dutch 
- reliable house market

Breda, city of:

Breda - 1. grote kerk
Breda - 6. Jazz
Breda - 4. NAC
Breda - 3. nassau
Breda - 9. tiesto
Singelloop 2017 Campanile bedrijvenloop Chassé, Breda, Hardlopen, 5, 10 kilometer, halve marathon, fotografie Edwin Wiekens/PHOTED
Breda - 5. grote markt
Breda - 14. mezz
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Breda - 12. galderse meren
Breda - 13. holland casino
Breda - 7. carnaval